Prometeo Consulting Group is an innovative services company specialized in Risk Advisor, Consulting and Training. The values on which the company is founded are transparency, competence in everything that is offered to the customer, a continuous process of seeking innovation to be able to offer cutting-edge and disruptive services on the market, flexibility and a friendly approach, but definitely aimed at customer satisfaction.

Our team made up of professionals specialized in their field of expertise, highly competent consultants who have come to Prometeo after numerous important experiences in Italian and international companies will be at your disposal.


Paolo Fogazzi CEO of Prometeo Consulting Group and president of A.S.D. ATD772.

University Degree in Legal Sciences, Master 1st level  - Community and international processes, Master in Security and intelligence-analysis and management, Safety - Security Manager and risk advisor for more than 10 years, he served in the navy for 25 years of which 22 years at the Com.Sub.In. (Command divers and Incursorsi - Naval Special Warfare) in La Spezia Italy.

Team Leader (platoon commander) within a team of the GOI (Grouppo Operatiovo Incursori).

In 2016 he founded ATD772, which acronym means Advance training Detachment 772, and subsequently, he also founded Prometeo Consulting Group which was born from the will of President Paolo Fogazzi, to create a new model of consultancy and training thanks to his background and the collaboration with his partners.

This is in order to be able to offer a higher level of advice and education based on high professionalism.


ATD772 is a sports association that has an advanced level of security knowledge, an established operational mentality that makes its knowledge available to all, especially for your Self Defense and the defense of others. Always ready to listen to your needs, and then offer you the best professional support.

Polis Open Learning is a professional training center that provides distance courses, in videoconference mode. School of advanced professional training, Cybersecurity, Criminology, Criminalistics, Taxation of sport, Intelligence, Environment and Energy, Security, Legal and Fiscal, Economics, Psychology, Scientific diving, Privacy, and Health Management. 


We bring first aid techniques that until now were only intended for specialised personnel within everyone’s reach, through Operational Medicine skills and the knowledge and ability to use the most innovative and advanced equipment.

GATE 757 is an American-registered company that provides consultancy and training in the field of rescue and Operational Medicine. It performs technical and clinical evaluations of specialised rescue products and develops prototypes for the industry. In the Mediterranean basin it operates through the italian company Sago Medica Srl.