Security Risk Management

Our security consulting team specializes in reviewing, developing, and implementing security risk management strategies, programs and capabilities. We support you with tailored consulting services that meet your business needs.

Regardless of your company's size or industry, our security consultants can help you assess your organization's maturity level, providing strategic guidance and support to move your program forward. With us, you can strengthen your organization's ability to prepare for and respond to the full range of security risks, including travel security.

Threat-based and risk-appropriate designs

Safety design engineering helps you identify and integrate technological and physical safety measures into the design of built infrastructure, starting from the inception of the project. Whether you are a developer, owner, security director, architect, or builder, we work to understand your security risks, operational requirements, and design philosophy.

Threat-based, risk-commensurate designs based on a Security Needs Assessment (SNA) developed using our multidisciplinary risk consulting team ensure clarity of purpose, holistic security, and cost-effectiveness. Our consultancy teams are suitably qualified Security Specialists and we are able to provide security assessments for new and existing buildings, infrastructure assets, and managed spaces.

Whether you need to upgrade your video surveillance system and access control points, or your organization needs to invest in risk mitigation, flood defenses, or a new infrastructure project, our team will help you evaluate, recommend and develop action plans that are more suited to your needs.

Planning and design to protect your assets

We will approach your project with tailored practices that will identify the measures that will mitigate the risks and define the development of the required strategy. Whatever the location, we assess the vulnerability of your personnel and physical assets against recognized levels of damage and injury. We then develop mitigation strategies to reduce these hardships.