Sniper consulting

Sniper consulting

Prometeo consulting group highly experienced consultants to train, educate and advise clients on all aspects of target shooting, target shooting and sniper shooting.

From our training pages, you can see that Prometeo consulting group offers a full range of standalone training courses or we can incorporate experienced instructors and mentors into your organization to ensure learning and develop skills.

Training courses can be combined or modified to include additional skills such as camouflage, target and threat recognition, and periodic re-evaluation. Our instructors and consultants play a vital role in ensuring that you receive the highest quality training and advice.

Prometeo consulting group can provide integrated instructors to work with clients to identify, train and educate talented marksmen and snipers to become instructors through our Train the Trainer development program.

Prometeo consulting group understands that our customers also have demanding requests for equipment. Our expert consultants will work with you to develop your operational and training equipment requirements and assist you in getting the best out of working within your operating environments and budget.

By working with the best approved and recognized suppliers, Prometeo consulting group can handle all your specialist needs.