Maritime Security Officer


The MSO (Maritime Security Officer) course was developed to meet the requirements of ISO 28007.

The MSO course has been set up to comply with all duties on board a Safety Team Designated to (PDSD) as required by the STCW Convention (amended in Manila 2010) Regulation VI / 6.


1.  The Maritime Security Industry

2.  Maritime Security Pre-Deployment Planning and Procedures

3.  Maritime Security Operating Procedures

4.  Maritime Incident Management and Post Op Procedures

5.  STCW Certification – all 4 modules:

·        Firefighting

·        First Aid

·        Individual Rescue Techniques

·        Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

6.  Bridge and Vessel Familiarization

7.  RS Drills – Live counter-piracy drills on the board of the vessel

8.  Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties – Certification

9.  Tactical Shooting – Maritime Firearms Competency Certificate

10.   ISPS Code and other documents relating to the vessel protection

11.   Rules of the use of Force

12.   Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)

13.   Final Examination/Bridge Incidents Simulation

14.    TCCC –Medical Trauma course